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  • To link critical care nurses throughout the UAE
  • To strengthen the influence and contribution of critical care nurses to healthcare within the UAE
  • To be a collective voice and advocate for critical care nurses and patients at a national level


  • To create a forum for networking to provide support to critical care nurses
  • To represent critical care nurses and critical care nursing at a national level
  • To improve the standard of care provided to critically ill patients and their families within the UAE
  • To advance the art and science of critical care nursing in the UAE
  • To promote cooperation, collaboration and support for critical care nurses
  • To improve the recognition of critical care nursing throughout the UAE
  • To maintain and improve effective cooperation between all healthcare professionals, institutions, agencies and charities who have a professional interest in the care of critically ill patients.
  • To participate in establishing standards for education, practice and management of critical care nursing
  • To foster and support research initiatives that advance critical care nursing and patient/family care
  • To encourage and enhance education programmes in critical care
  • To provide conferences, information and continuing education for critical care nurses
  • To participate with health care authorities and key opinion leaders in policy development in regard to critical care practice


  • Criteria for Membership
    • Nurses who are working in a critical care area, or have an interest in critical care nursing*
    • Full Membership
      • Nurses who are working in a critical care area, or have an interest in critical care nursing* and are active members of the ENA
      • Only nurses who have full membership are eligible to sit on the steering committee, vote and lead task forces
      • Associate Membership
        • Nurses who are working in a critical care area, or have an interest in critical care nursing* and are not active members of the ENA
        • Executive Team
          • Roles and responsibilities of the Executive Team will be as per ENA policy ENA Professional Sections (ENA-PS-001)
          • The Executive Team will consist of Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary
          • Terms of office for all posts are effective for three (3) years as per ENA bylaws
          • Members of the Executive Team will be voted in by nurses with Full Membership in the presence of a ENA representative
          • Steering Committee
            • Will consist of a group of nurses who have “Full Membership”
            • The Steering Committee will meet at a minimum of two (2) times a year
            • All members of the Executive Team and at least two (2) representatives from each Regional Chapter will comprise the membership of the Steering Committee.
            • Other requirements as per ENA policy ENA Professional Sections (ENA-PS-001)


  • Regional Chapters can be established within regions of the UAE as long as they have representation on the Steering Committee. A regional chapter will have a Chair and Secretary who must be full members of ENA and no less than 8 other members.


  • Any funds accumulated by the Critical CareNursing Section shall be deposited into a dedicated account by the ENA. All funds will be used judiciously and in keeping with the stated purpose and objectives of the Critical Care NursingSection.
  • The responsibility and accountability for the management of the funds of the Critical Care NursingSection shall rest with the Treasurer and other members of the Steering Committee.


  • The Critical Care Nursing Section shall establish committees and/or working parties as required


  • The ENA Critical Care Nursing Section Terms of Reference will be reviewed in 12 months time in consultation with the ENA and the Critical Care Nursing Section members


  • Information from the functions and actions of the Critical Care Nursing Section will be disseminated via the following means:
    • ENA Website
    • E-mail accounts from database of members and interested nurses
    • Regular newsletters distributed via e-mails and sent to healthcare organisations
    • Conferences and Educational activities
    • ENA coordinators


  1. 1. ENA (2011). Emirates Nursing Association Professional Sections Policy (ENA-PG-001)
  2. 2. WFCCN (2007). Constitution of the World Federation of Critical Care Nurses

Definition of Critical Care Nursing:

*Critical care nursing is specialised nursing care of critically ill patients who have manifest or potential disturbances of vital organ functions. Critical care nursing means assisting, supporting and restoring the patient towards health, or easing the patient’s pain and preparing them for a dignified death. The aim of critical care nursing is to establish a therapeutic relationship with patients and their relatives and to empower the individuals’ physical, psychological, sociological and spiritual capabilities by preventive, curative and rehabilitative interventions. (WFCCN, 2007)