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Behavioral Science Professional Practice Group (PNPPG) 

History of the Behavioral Science NPPG 

The initial 6 Nursing Professional Practice Groups were established under the umbrella of Federal Department of Nursing in UAE. In 1999, a few committed nurses working in Psychiatry established a Professional Practice Group and the significant authorities and relevant facilities were contacted for approval. By February 2000 a group of motivated nurses working in psychiatric hospitals and psychiatric units of different MOH facilities held their first meeting at AL Amal hospital under the directions of the Federal Department of Nursing Practice Development Section The highlights of the meeting were to express the commitment in establishing a collaborative and coordinated partnership in promoting and standardizing Mental Health Nursing Practice in UAE. Group was formed with 12 members from Abu Dhabi NPH, Al Ain Hosp, RAK SBG and Al Amal Hospital. Members participated actively and regular meetings were conducted.

The group became inactive in 2004 due to the conversion of MOH Hospitals in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain to the General Health Authority (which later became the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi-HAAD).

The group with 12 members from various facilities was reactivated in 2005 as instructed and guided by the Senior Coordinator of Practice Development Section at the Federal Department of Nursing (FDON).


Standardized Mental Health Nursing practice and highest quality holistic care to achieve a healthy society.


To support and provide the best possible professional development resources in the field of mental health nursing within the Psychiatric and Community settings, aiming at enhancing the quality of mental health nursing practice in collaboration with the multi disciplinary team, thereby reducing the social stigma on mental illness.


  • Membership from General Health Authority Hospitals, DOHMS and other private sector- Welcare Hospital
  • Conducted meetings in venues other than Ministry of Health Hospitals.
  • Sharing of ideas and experiences from various Psychiatric Mental health nursing facilities.


Resource Document: “Observation of the Patient at Risk from Deliberate Self-Harm and/ or Suicide”

  • Reference Document: “Application of Physical Restraints”
  • Guidelines for ECT procedures
  • Published one ‘News letter’
  • Educational Events Conducted:
  • Workshop on “Occupational Stress among Nurses” – 2008
  • Seminar on the theme “Chronic Physical Illness and Mental Health” – 2010

PNPPG Members, December 2010 


Rosamma Abraham                                DON, Al Amal Hospital


Samira Salim                                         DDON, Al Amal Hospital-


Mr.Shaffar Rabbani                                 Nurse Manager, Psychiatric Dept, Al Ain Hospital

Mini Elsa Mathew                                   Nurse I/C Psychiatric Unit, SBG Hospital, RAK

Jamila Mohd Al Bassani                            Psychiatric Unit, SBG Hospital, RAK

Khalid Ibrahim                                        Nurse I/C Psychiatric Unit, Rashid Hospital

Vimala Subbiah                                       Nurse Educator, Al Amal

Jessy Mathew                                        ICN, Al Amal

Bindu Annet George                                Staff Nurse, MWD, Al Amal

Santhamma K Philipose                            BSP, Abu Dhabi

Hayat Ahmed                                         Nurse I/C, Female Unit, BSP Al Ain

Valencia Bull                                          Female Unit BSP

John Higham                                          Resource Manager, BSP Al Amal

Stanley K Thomas                                   Dubai Police

Ex-officio members:                                Dr Vijaya Kumaradas -RAK Univerity

Dr.Amal Shahata -                                  RAK University