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Proceedings the 1st ICN Regional Conference 2018

Nurses: A voice to lead
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Activities & Acheivements

Conference Themes

  • 2014 Empowering Women, Empowering Midwives
  • 2015 Midwifery Leadership and Accountability
  • 2016 Woman Centred Shared Care
  • 2017 Midwifery Works! – Innovative Tools and Solutions to Enhance Practice

Other planned:            

  • 2017 International Nursing and Midwifery Congress, Dubai
  • 2017 ICM Triennial Council and Congress, Toronto

Presented to Midwifery and Multi-professional Healthcare Provider our delegates are predominantly from the Middle East and MENA Regions, with are a wide range of topics from local, regional and international speakers, including the International Confederation of Midwives, Royal College of Midwives and the United Nations Population Fund to name a few. Topics address our own challenges and take from the experience of others

We have active participation from service users covering multiple topics related to

  • Normal and complex healthcare in the Preconceptual, Antepartum, Peripartum periods;
  • Mental health and bereavement related to Childbirth;
  • Men and Childbirth;
  • History and culture of Breastfeeding in the UAE;
  • Sudden Infant Death – The ABC of Safe Sleeping - Keeping Our Babies Safe;
  • Post Partum Depression in the region;
  • Embracing Technology in Antenatal Education;
  • Compassionate Care using ‘the Roar behind the Silence,’ ‘Hello my name is’,
  • Awareness for Human Rights in Childbirth – ‘Freedom for birth’ and ‘Microbirth’ presentations

Complementing Practice, Evidence Based Interactive Practical Workshops and Skill Stations are provided to upskill professional participants, have become a very popular stimulus for practice update in our meetings and conferences where we have approved Continuous Midwifery Education Points for Professional Portfolio development. Some of the following are provided:

  • Teamwork and Culture of Safety
  • Debrief and Documentation
  • Communication
  • Vaginal Breech Birth
  • Shoulder Dystocia
  • Neonatal Resuscitation
  • Reducing Episiotomies
  • Midwifery/ Obstetric Triage
  • Shoulder Dystocia
  • Postpartum Haemorrhage
  • Risk Management
  • Fetal heart Surveillance
  • Perineal Suturing
  • Pain Management
  • Mentorship and competency workshops

We were delighted to have been invited to provide Midwife instructor / training in Childbirth and Obstetrics Emergencies with the Al Ain Police Ambulance Service using the RCOG, PRactical Obstetric Multiprofessional Training framework.

Our ENA Midwives Section members actively participate in the advisory committees and fora for the United Arab Emirates.

We are delighted to be involved since 2012 (MENA Declaration Dubai) and to be present at the launch of the Arab States Regional Midwifery Network Midwives where the leading theme is that, the Arab States contribute to strengthening the Midwifery Profession in the Region to improve Sexual Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Adolescent Health, with the support of the ICM and the UNFPA. We will be active in supporting the Network to achieve our goals through the Education, Regulation and Association committees.

We hosted an International Young Midwifery Leaders (YML) Programme in Abu Dhabi in December in December 2016, providing a forum for YML from Africa, Latin America and Asia with support from Regional Mentors and ICM facilitators.

At the SEHA Nursing Conference, our ENA – Midwifery Section presented: Fetal Heart Surveillance Education; Positions for labour and birth; Bereavement workshops with tools and resources to help the process the transition of grief and methods to break bad news.

Midwives in all of the Emirates are actively involved in public health awareness such as the current October – Breast Cancer Awareness. We visit universities, schools and the Women’s meetings - ‘Diwaniyas / Mejilis’s’ – to talk about current trends in women’s health and encourage women’s participation in decision making, in all areas of development.